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A thriving cocoa sector for generations to come

At Cargill, we believe educated, empowered and successful cocoa farmers are essential for a thriving cocoa sector. This is something that we are acting on every day, in six different origin countries around the world through the Cargill Cocoa Promise.

Find out more about our global commitment here, or visit the Products section to find out about our certified sustainable products or download our global Cargill Cocoa Promise Report to read about the progress we are making on-the-ground..

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Farmer training

Providing farmers with the knowledge skills and support they need to increase the productivity and profitability of their farms in responsible and sustainable way.

Community support

Strengthening cocoa growing communities and promoting social development by ensuring access to basic services, like education and healthcare.

Farm development

Supplying smallholder farmers with the knowledge, inputs and finance they need to make good decisions and run a successful farm over the long-term.

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Responsible supply chains

Cargill is using its leading position in food and agriculture to tackle the complex economic, environmental and social challenges. For more information, visit